Rhythm Gets Results

Rhythm keeps you aligned.
Rhythm is a simple system for teams to execute plans and accelerate growth. It is scalable, robust, and the only official software for the Rockefeller Habits.
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A Simple System
Rhythm is Coaching + Software
Village Coaching

Every Rhythm client is assigned a primary coach, many of them former CEOs. While all our clients have a main Coach, our entire team of premiere coaches gather weekly to review and share insight about how to best help all our clients. Think of this as your personal brain trust.

Patented Software

Rhythm Software is a unique and simple way to get executive teams and their departments focused, aligned, and collaborating to make better decisions faster. Rhythm is the only official software of the Rockefeller Habits.

Built for the Elite

Rhythm is not for everyone. It was built to help those companies that have broken through the $10 million barrier (most by a large margin), have multiple levels of management, and are looking for a simple way to help their team keep the company plan on track and accelerate growth.

The Products

A simple coaching and software system to help your team execute your plan and accelerate growth. Rhythm gets results.

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Deep Dive Sessions

In-depth sessions with Expert Coaches to help you understand and develop your KPIs and Dashboards, Brand Promise and BHAG.

Gazelles Systems Rhythm Deep Dive Sessions
Annual & Quarterly Planning

Improve your planning sessions by having an Expert Coach facilitate so you and your team can fully participate.

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The Blog
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Download the 6 Page Summary of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Verne Harnish wrote a best selling book that tells you what you must do to increase the value of your growing firm. We suggest reading the entire book! To get started, this summary will provide you with an overview of the Four Decisons (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash) you need to improve your business results right away.

Verne's book provides you with learnings that over 20,000 CEO's have implemented and follow each day.