Implement the Rockefeller Habits Using Rhythm: Coaching with Software

A Simple Way to Get Your Executive Team and All Your Departments Focused and Aligned

Rhythm provides coaching experts and patented software to help companies with more than 50 employees develop, execute and cascade their strategic plan.




 Rhythm and Rockefeller Habits  

Step 1: Your Rhythm Coach Educates Your Team on a Habit



Your Rhythm Coach will meet with your team via phone and educate you on one of the Habits.

They will provide you with examples of how other companies have implemented the Habit in their firms.

Step 2:  Your Rhythm Coach Provides 1-Page Tools to "Do" the Habit

Your Rhythm Coach will provide you with 1-Page Rhythm Tools to help you think about how you are going to "do" the Habit. These Rhythm Tools are unique to the Rhythm Program and will help you figure out critical items such as:

  • Brand Promise
  • Core Values
  • Top 5 Priorities for the Quarter
  • Key Performance Indicators
Rhythm Tools

Step 3:  Your Rhythm Coach & Weekly Dashboards Keep You on Track

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Your Rhythm Coach will work with you and your team to set up weekly dashboards to keep your strategy and 90 Day Plan on track. They will do this with the executive team and key additional departments to make sure everyone in the company is on the same page and stays on track.

Next Step: Schedule a Private Session and Create a 90 day dashboard

  • Schedule a private education session
  • Create a weekly dashboard to keep your habits on track
  • Learn the benefits of having a Rhythm Coach to implement the Rockefeller Habits