Implement the Rockefeller Habits and Drive Accountability Throughout Your Organization

Rhythm, Coaching with Software

A Simple Way to Get Your Executive Team and All Your Departments Focused

Rhythm Coaching with Software was created for companies with over 50 employees to increase accountability. It provides coaching experts and patented software to help companies develop, execute and cascade their strategic one-page plan.





Your Rhythm Coach Will Help You Figure Out Your Long Term Strategy. 


Steve Tomasi, CEO of Boston Centerless talks about his Rhythm Coach


Using the 1-Page Strategic Plan and Rhythm Tools, your Rhythm coach will help you figure out your long term strategy.  Rhythm Tools are unique to the Rhythm Program and are built to help companies with more than 50 employees and multiple layers figure out:
  • Brand Promise
  • Core Values
  • BHAG
  • 3-5 Year Key Thrusts
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Winning Moves


Your Rhythm Coach Will Help The Executive Team and Key Departments Figure Out Their Top Priorities Every Quarter.

One of the hardest things for high growth companies to do is to decide what to say yes to and what to say no to.

Many High growth companies do not lack for ideas, they lack for desciplined focus.

Your Rhythm coach will work with the executive team and key departments to help you discuss, debate and agree on the top priorities for the company and key departments.

Using Rhythm Software to guide discussions and record decisions, your Rhythm Coach will help you and your team with:

  • Annual Planning
  • Quarterly Planning
  • KPI's that measure success
  • Aligning the Entire Company
  • Getting your people in the (right seats)


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Rhythm Software Will Help You Keep On Track Every Week.


 MRH & Rhythm Book


Your Rhythm Coach will work with you and your team to set up weekly dashboards to keep your stategy and 90 day plan on track. 

These dashboards will help you focus on making weekly adjustments rather than spending that valuable time on status updates.

They will do this with the executive team and key departments. 

Rhythm software acts as an alert system that will notify you when any executive team or deparmental priorities are not on track. 

Next Step: Schedule a Private Session and Create a 90 day dashboard

  • Schedule a private education session
  • Create a weekly dashboard to keep your habits on track
  • Learn the benefits of having a Rhythm Coach to implement the Rockefeller Habits