Onsite Planning Sessions to Implement The Rockefeller Habits

Are you a company with over 50 employees that needs help facilitating your onsite business strategy or planning session?  Having a dedicated facilitator for your onsite business strategy or planning session is important so you can participate rather than facilitate.

 onsite sessions



Get Your Team Accountable Using the One-Page Strategic Plan

A Rhythm Systems Coach will do a 2 day private session with your team at your location to start implementing the Rockefeller Habits.

Develop your One-Page Strategic Plan and learn the 4 Decisions (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash) all growth companies must get right.

At your onsite session, your coach will help you:

  • Set your year up for success
  • Determine a theme/focus for the year or quarter
  • Clearly define company priorities
  • Work on one or two of the most important long term strategic decisions (core values, bhag, brand promise, 3-5 year key thrusts)



one page strategic plan session